We deliver

We have a proven ability to manage and execute the most difficult projects, delivering on time and on budget.

Transportation is a complex process of deadlines, regulations, logistical challenges, and an endless array of factors that can negatively affect your project.

We provide full supply chain logistics solutions, finding the easiest, most efficient routes to deliver success.

We deliver unparalleled service.


With global carrier partnerships, a significant internal asset base providing van, reefer, and flatbed services across North America, we can seamlessly handle all of your transportation projects.

Our professional and reliable services are US & Canada Bonded, with US & Canada HazMat service. We provide full project management, with truckload and LTL services, as well as consolidation and warehousing.


We will get anything moving from where it is to where it needs to go  – by ocean, air, rail or road. We provide full supply chain logistics solutions, including load brokerage, carrier networks, cross-border, global shipments, warehousing, and supply chain logistics.

Complete Project Management

We work tirelessly to make sure that every aspect of your project is delivered successfully. We leverage our expertise to exceed your financial and time goals.

Flatbeds & Deck

Atlantica is one of Atlantic Canada's largest flat-bed, open deck companies. Our diverse equipment fleet consists of:

► Tridem Flat beds
► Quads
► B-trains
► Step Decks, Double drops
► Trombones

Our experienced drivers, dispatchers, staff, and fleet of modern equipment will deliver your most demanding project. Our staff have the expertise to arrange permits, escorts, or whatever is required to move your loads to final destination, even in the most complicated of scenarios.

Our open deck trailers are equipped with various tarpaulins (for steel, lumber, building supplies, and machinery), plus chains, binders, nylon straps, and corner protectors.

Dry Van

Our van operation has carved out a niche within the North American transportation landscape. It is a specialized operation that focuses on time sensitive, high value commodities that require extra care while in the supply chain. We provide:

► Tandem Vans
► Tridem Vans
► Heated Tridem Vans

With more than 200 vans running in Canada and the US, Atlantica can manage all your dry freight needs. Whether you require team trucks, super singles or dispatchers and drivers working switches, from standard TL freight to rush loads and even hot shot runs, Atlantica delivers.


Our customers know we are a highly dependable refrigerated carrier serving Atlantic Canada, Ontario, Quebec and the US. Our fleet of tandem and tridem reefers across North America can handle the weights and temperatures you require. Whether it is heated, cooled, or frozen, your product is safe with us.

We understand the sensitivity of transporting your products and what is required to get your loads delivered on-time. We deliver on our commitments and our staff is working for your project success. With our best practices and modern reefer fleet, Atlantica gives you the peace of mind that your load is safe with us.

Our Professional Certifications

Canada Carrier Code
Partners In Protection (PIP) certified
Canada Customs Bonded Carrier
Customs Self Assessment (CSA) certified
Free and Secure Trade (FAST) certified
US Department of Transportation (DOT #)
Federal Motor Carrier Number
Customs – Trade Partners Against Terrorism (C-TPAT ) certified and validated
Status Verification Number (SVI)
Standard Alpha Carrier Code (SCAC)
US Customs Bonded Carrier
Valid Certificate of Insurance
Clearance Letter from Workers Compensation
National Safety Codes (NSC) for NL, NS, & NB
Valid International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA)

Safe and Secure

All of our transportation assets and our partners follow the same rigorous safety and security policies.

Fanatical Support

We are your first line of support and the team that ensures you worry about your business, not your shipments.

Transparent Policies

Experience, professionalism and a dedication to transparency means trust isn't just a word, it's our way of business.